“To all that come to this happy place, welcome.” - Walt Disney

This is my first post on this blog. I believe it’s been something like 10 years since I last wrote a blog post on any blog. At that time I was eleven years old and I was messing around with the Chromium OS platform, and all my blog posts were redundant tech reviews of Chrome OS hardware. For you internet sleuths out there, I’m sure you can find it with a few quick guesses and a bit of intuition.

This blog is different. I’ve got around 9 years of both hobbyist and professional Software Development behind me, and I think my focus will be far more… interesting. I will admit at the outset that I am not a strong writer, and I have a tendency to ramble.

My goal here is for the reader to learn something, no matter what that is. I am likely to lean to technical topics, but I can assure you that from time to time I will have something a little more profound.

Here’s to hoping I am able to keep up with this blog over time.